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At Minimal Set, we build products that make the world a better place for everyone.


Technology is a tool to enhance civilization and we have a people-first focus. We are a passionate, talented team who love what they do and love building great things.


At Minimal Set we design and build awesome tools - including wearable, IoT, and communications systems - that enable people to live richer, more purposeful lives.


Need software? Minimal Set brings expertise in web development, mobile apps, app design and architecture, product development and more.

What is Minimal Set

We work with clients to ensure they get the best return on investment for their technical endeavors, including consulting, building custom software, and providing a partner for technical services.

  • Technology Partnership

    Bridge the gap

    Are you concerned about actually getting what you need from your technical team? What are the missing resources? Communucation between the business goals and technical implementation can be the most difficult gap to bridge. We work with clients to ensure their expectations and technical requirements are clear and are executed efficiently and correctly. From product definition and writing specifications through to product delivery, we can help you make sure you get what you need.

  • Business/Technology Strategy

    Stay on target

    What are the measurable results you expect from your project? What are your customers' expectations of your product? Will this app really add value for your business and move you towards your goals? Whether we are your implementation partner or not, we can work with you to ensure that your technical path matches your business goals.

  • Custom Development

    Web, mobile, wearables

    Every business, every project, every idea has a unique vision and also a specific set of technologies to bring it to fruition. We provide technology services across a broad range of technologies and work with our partners to deliver the results they need to bring their vision to the world.

  • Product Integration

    All the pieces

    We work with clients to set up and roll out a wide range of technical tools, including on-demand hosting like AWS and Digital Ocean, sales tools like Zoho, and content management systems including Statamic and WordPress.

  • Come
    Work With

We're Hiring!

Join our team - we're looking for passionate, skilled people!

Software Engineer - Mobile

Meteor, React Native, UI/UX...

Web App Developer

Application architecture, Laravel, VueJS...

Software Engineer

Sensor integraton, Wearables, Mobile development...

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If you are inquiring about a job posting, please let us know what position you're interested in and a brief description of your background, why you're interested in working with us and any other relevant information. We'll follow up with you to take a next step!